To lose weight quickly and effectively? It's real!

If you decide to lose weight, has collected will in a fist and a burning desire to change for the better, then you will face the question of how to lose weight fast for 5-10-15 or more pounds. There are many ways. But not all of them may be appropriate, and not all methods can provide the desired results. However, there is a diet that has helped many people already. It lies in the fact that it is necessary to monitor the amount of eaten calories. Seems boring? But, no! It's very exciting! You start the notebook. In it you write everything that you have eaten during the day, and every meal would be a mark about its caloric value. The point is that in the first month of your weight loss you should eat a day more than 800 calories. In this case, you should eat 4 times a day. Between meals, a break is 4 hours. As you know, the more tightly you can eat in the morning and at lunch, while dinner should be light. So those 800 calories can be split in a convenient way. For example, for Breakfast – 200 calories, 400 for lunch, afternoon and dinner on 100.

So calorie counting was correct, you need to buy special scales for food, a book on the nutritional quality (you can download it to the phone). They say that over time, many begin to count correctly on the eye, so they become knowledgeable about the caloric content of any food.

Wishing to lose weight often ask the question: how to lose weight without giving up favorite foods. For them the good news. This diet allows you to eat whatever you want. But in certain quantities. And it is better to focus on useful products. They are less calories and more useful for health and appearance.

To diet is not damaging you, it is important to take vitamins daily. Vitamins and minerals should be your companions during the entire process of losing weight. Also, do not forget to drink water (about 2 liters).

A month after this diet you will see results and you will be pleasantly surprised after weighing. In the second month the number of calories consumed can be increased to 900. But eat is the same pattern. Good complement to weight loss be playing sports (but without the exhaustion), swimming, yoga, Pilates.

Each has its own weight allowance. When you reach it, is to maintain it to follow a few rules:

1) don't consume more calories than you spend.

2) Eat the regime and to focus on healthy nutrition and the physical exercise that you like.

Lose weight fast and effectively at home really. Just need to tune in to a positive result, to activate the will power and imagine how many positive emotions you experienced looking at the slim and trim figure in the mirror. In addition, the lack of excess weight is the prevention of many diseases.