In our time, the first signs of aging appear now after 20 years. The strong pressure on the cerebral cortex, addiction to harmful habits, mental overload and physical inactivity faster lead people to disease and draglines. In this regard, it is important to think about the rational way of life that gradually and without sensations opens the way to longevity.

The benefits of physical culture is not discussed. Regular exercise help to relieve mental stress, avoid diseases of musculoskeletal system and improve digestion. And physical work in his free time, relieves and develops the nervous system, brings positive emotions, hidden in the building.

The power snatches is the next benefit. Eating at the same time, balance the used dishes in protein, fat and carbohydrates – a great means for maintaining the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract.

The ability to overcome the manifestations of greed, jealousy, envy and self-flagellation magically affects the nervous system responsible for the whole body. Early age and die prematurely primarily unbalanced people.

Smoking is fraught with lot of risks. They are considerably reduced in the case of a determination to quit Smoking. Alive taste buds and sense of smell, stronger immune system and respiratory tract. Additional lifetime one hundred percent guaranteed.

Moderate drinking lately recognized almost healthy. Forget the main thing: alcohol is the hardest drug that destroys the body at the cellular level. A proper understanding of the depth of the devastating effects of alcohol – another Bastion against premature aging and disease.

And the ability to find satisfaction only in positive emotions ennobles man and leads to wisdom. It is concentrated balance the nervous system, the good, philosophical attitude towards the world. Such qualities of the centenarians.