Rule of tempering

The child's temper at any age, as long as he was healthy. The intensity and duration of tempering procedures should increase over time. The following rule – the regularity of tempering procedures need only be terminated upon the occurrence of the disease. Start hardening best in warm time of the year.

Tempering procedure is divided into General and special. General hardening is carried out in a lifetime, it provides the correct mode of the day, a balanced diet, regular airing and fresh air. Special training activities include air baths, swimming, throwing, walking barefoot, bath, etc.

How to temper the child

The most simple and effective method of tempering – air. One can begin from the first days of a child's life. In summer, air baths can be taken outdoors but in the shade, indoors in the winter. The duration of the air bath may range from 3-4 minutes to 1 hour. The temperature should be comfortable for the child – he should neither freeze nor sweat.

Water is a more powerful means of hardening. Hardening of the newborn is recommended to start with baths with infusions of herbs and wiping dry, then with a damp towel. Wipe the child from the fingers to shoulders, from feet to thighs, then chest, stomach and back.

Initial water temperatures for tempering wiping children under 3 years is 36°C, 3-4 years old - 32°C, 5-6 years - 30°C, 6-7 years - 28°C. after 2 weeks the temperature was lowered by 1°C. the Minimum temperature may be 25°C – for children up to 3 years, 22°C - 3-4 years, 20°C - 5-6 years, 18°C is 6-7 years. In winter, the minimum water temperature should be higher by 3-5°C.

If well tolerated, after a simple wiping you can start contrasting. For this you will need 2 woollen mittens. One of them moistened with cool water, the other warm. Pound child series, first cool mitten, and then warm. The procedure for wiping the hands, feet, chest, stomach, back. After 2-3 weeks, you should increase the temperature contrast at 1°C, at the end of it can be reduced to 4-6°C and 40-41°C.

The effect of dousing is much higher than a rubdown. Foot baths and showering, feet and shins may start with 1 year. The duration of the spraying should be 20-30 seconds baths – 1-2 minutes. The initial temperature for preschoolers - 28°C, to reduce possible every 1-2 days at 1-2°C. Minimum temperature: 18°C - for children up to 3 years, 16°C – for children 4-7 years old. With a total douche used the same temperature water, and when pouring feet. The head during the procedure watering should not be. The duration of a full cold water – 1 to 3 minutes, then you will have rubbing with a towel until the redness.

During the first tempering procedures, observe the child's condition. During diseases and tempering of the baby is impossible, but with slight indisposition replace the tempering procedure the weaker. Try to carry out restorative measures so that they are brought to the child pleasure. In this case, they will become a habit and will become a way of life.