You will need
  • - fresh cucumbers - 1.5 kg
  • - garlic - 1 clove
  • - dill
  • - parsley
  • Sol -100 grams
  • - dry mustard - one tablespoon
  • - sugar - one tablespoon
  • - the leaves of horseradish.
This recipe of pickled cucumbers with garlic and mustard is surprisingly simple. You need to wash and small strong cucumbers in cold running water. Pour the cucumber water and leave them for two hours. If the cucumbers just picked from the garden, it is possible not to do that. Meanwhile wash the dill and parsley and coarsely cut them. Garlic peel and cut into slices.
Wash horseradish leaves and put them on the bottom of the pan. Put the first row of cucumbers, he put the herbs and garlic. Then another layer of cucumbers and layer of greens with garlic. And so long as the cucumbers will not end.
To prepare a brine for pickles. Boil two liters of water having dissolved in it one tablespoon sugar and one hundred grams of salt. Once the brine comes to a boil, shut it and let cool slightly.
In a pan cucumbers, pour a spoon of mustard. Pour on top of cucumbers with brine so that it completely covers the cucumbers. After two or three days, pickled cucumbers with garlic and mustard, cooked for this recipe, will be ready.