To become a programmer, you don't need to finish school and spend years to gain the necessary knowledge, and most importantly, experience with specialized IT community GeekBrains.

1. The first thing you need to do the beginner, to register with the service GeekBrains and sign up for the free course "fundamentals of programming" Regardless of the specialization to which you are inclined, basic knowledge of programming principles is the first step where it all begins. Training videos and online courses with the help of an experienced programmer, you will learn the basics of algorithms, learn what you have to do the program, I will write my first simple code, and learn how to formulate and solve the problem. All the tutorials are supplemented by homework to consolidate the material.

The basic course is structured in such a way that it may take a beginner, even without school knowledge in computer science. The faculty IT community know how GeekBrains easy and affordable to serve even the most specific information. In addition, after the training you will have completed the video lessons for which you will be able to repeat the passed material.

2 weeks training for experienced programmers not only tell you about variables, arrays, branching, looping, functions, but will also give an overview of modern programming languages, their purpose. You will learn to understand the principles of architecture programs, learn the difference between low level and high level PL. This will allow a clear idea in what area of programming you want to specialize further, and will help you to choose the direction in work.

2. After the initial free course in the IT community GeekBrains you can continue training in the chosen profession, the study of any of them will allow you to earn money. Among the 14 courses-professions , there are popular as a Java programmer or Android, as well as more rare: programmer Ruby or C# developer. By choosing the desired specialization, closely you start to learn in a particular profession with a view to future employment.

As in the basic courses in the chosen area can be played from anywhere where there is Internet. Experienced teacher conducts a video-lesson, students are provided with methodical materials for homework. The video passed all the lectures are available for viewing at any time.

3. For fastening of the received knowledge to help the novice programmer IT-community GeekBrains offers free webinars. It is known that when the remote studying especially important for maximum immersion in a professional environment, useful webinars will help to consolidate the acquired skills, stay up to date with the latest trends of IT world.

For example, webinars "Developing interactive web applications using JQUERY+AJAX", and "Career of a web developer from scratch top-up salaries" will be invaluable for the web programmer. The educational platform is functioning and the forum where you can get good advice from experienced coders, to discuss the task and just to spend time in the company of like-minded people.

4. Practice is the best teacher, without it you can not become a good programmer and get a prestigious job. Therefore, IT is a community GeekBrains offers its graduates an internship in partner companies. After completing the training program in a particular profession, you get the opportunity to participate in the development of this project in a real company. Thus, in applying for participation in the internship in any of the submitted portal companies, you will make another step on the path to employment. It is no secret that companies prefer to hire the already known professionals. Therefore, the internship is not only a necessary stage in the developments of practical experience, but also a great chance to finally get the job offer.

After training you can continue to improve their qualifications within the IT Incubators. This special offer portal GeekBrains also gives the opportunity to practice programming on a real project, to visit a developer goes through all the stages, from idea to finished product. Select an interesting project in the Incubator, and under the guidance of a mentor you will gain experience of teamwork, will bring together an impressive portfolio and even can implement your own IT project.

Obtained with the IT-community GeekBrains knowledge and experience, supported by relevant certificates that will enable you to successfully find employment in their chosen profession and continue to improve as a programmer.