To describe the program, start with a General introduction. Describe the main problem faced by the user. Naturally, this needs to be the same problem which solves the described program. By the way this is a good way to immediately identify the target audience of users. Those to whom it is useful and necessary, download it or buy it. Other users will save time and will not continue to read. Also in the introduction, briefly describe the main features of the program. It is enough to 1-2 sentences.
Specify system requirements to the computer equipment. In order to more fully describe the program, make a gradation. Shall describe the minimum requirements and the requirements for comfortable work.
Describe the interface and workspace. To describe the program more clearly, use screenshots of the different work Windows and conditions. Describe the main toolbar, location, menu items, line conditions, etc.
It is impossible to describe the program, without telling in detail about its main functions. This can be done in list form or list. However, it is important in this paragraph to comply with the specifics. For example, the phrase "effective projects" does not carry any meaning. More precisely, the meaning, of course, but it is relative and not tell the reader any facts.
Putting the basic functions of the program shall describe additional features that can be especially convenient and useful to the user. For example, it may be possible rapid integration with other software, improving speed, easy-to-use design elements, etc.
To describe the program of the new version, tell us about the changes which it has undergone since its previous update. Describe what kind of functionality were removed, what problems are solved, what is new, what has changed, modified and improved. Differences from previous versions can also be represented in the form of a list.
Make a conclusion in which you restate your target audience and the main purpose of the program, mentioning her winning hand.