You will need
  • - the Internet.
As a rule, completely programming language to learn is impossible. This complex structure, which is a great designer. The programming language can only be understood, but not to memorize. If you memorize separate operations, then they have you stop. To explore need to download a special software package, which is programming. For example, the programming language Delphi. This is a difficult language in which to create various applications, applying knowledge of programming and graphic design for the shell.
Download from the Internet a special book in which all is told in detail about the programming language. To find such materials on the website It is a complete Internet University of information technologies. Try to write your first program. The main thing that was clear to you. Then close the manual on the programming language and try to write a similar program. If you understood the tutorial, you will be able to write the code yourself.
Learn lessons from easy to more difficult, try to improve the program by adding your own thoughts. It develops thinking, you quickly memorize commands, you begin to understand the basic principles of programming. Next, think about what programs you can write for your own use. Programmers write many programs for themselves, while allowing to increase the amount of free time automated processes. If you have grandiose ideas about the creation of programs that implement them. Questions on programming you can ask on the discussion forums, where you will meet programmers with experience.