Changing the shape and volume of the body is also an important reason to purchase new underwear. The choice of underwear is a very important and responsible job. Modern industry offers a huge selection of underwear in all kinds of shapes and sizes, which not infrequently can turn the head of any lady. No wonder beautiful lingerie is one of the main popular women's "fad". So where do you start?


The first thing to determine is the correct size of underwear. A good bra is able to enhance the breast shape and deform feminine charms. According to studies, 75% of women wear underwear not a suitable size. The best option would be to seek help from a professional stylist.


It is very important that your skin is in contact with the bra feel comfortable. You should avoid buying cheap bras as they are made from cheap materials, and this will inevitably lead to deformation of the product: stretch, sit down, break or be uncomfortable. Every day better prefer underwear made from natural materials so your skin breathe. The best of them are silk and cotton. Underwear made of synthetic materials better suited for special occasions. It will be an indispensable companion in a romantic date.

Style and form

Conventionally, the bras can be compare by such criteria: the type of calyx, the presence of the bones and straps. When choosing the cups you need to focus on your size and breast shape. Dense calyx has a corrective effect and is perfect for those who don't like the shape of their Breasts. If you are happy with the forms – feel free to buy linen with a soft Cup. For women with curvaceous the presence of the bones in the bra is undeniable. They will support the breast and create a attractive effect. Well straps. Again, for owners of magnificent Breasts should not stare at the bras with thin straps. You may face such problems as sealing in the skin and the lack of support of the breast.


Every woman is free to choose the linen color of your preference and considerations. The only thing I would advise is to choose clothes based on the color of your skin. In this case, you will always look attractive.