When choosing a bra, a woman draws attention to two main parameters – the volume of the breast and chest circumference. The volume of the breast corresponds to the Cup size of the bra, and the chest circumference – mill bra.

Stage 1 – choosing the perfect camp

What should be the perfect camp?

  • The closure of the camp, located in the back, doesn't jump up after putting on the bra.
  • The chest does not fall out from the bottom of the cups when the owner of buchalter raises his hands up.
  • The skin of the breast is not hanging over the cups (a sign that the bra is too small).
  • Under a bra Cup, you can easily stick your fingers.
  • Bone bra fit tightly to the chest, but not peredelyvayut her.

The mill bra should be well fitting to the chest, but not to cause discomfort, not to press on the fabric.


Stage 2 – the search for the perfect Cup

The cups of the bra, models push-up, suitable for owners of small Breasts. Standard Cup, made of thick fabric with a small tab of foam rubber or without it, looks good on women with curvaceous.

Choosing the ideal a Cup bra, orientirueshsya on the following parameters:

  • Breasts are not popping up, and not hanging on top of the Cup (a sign that the bra is too small for you).
  • In the Cup does not produce failures (a sign of too large of a bra).
  • The middle part of the chest (at the nipple) needs to get up to the line of mid-shoulder.
  • Bra straps should not dig into the shoulders and press on the skin.

A good bra should lift the chest, not allowing it to SAG into the rib and abdomen (this applies to women with large Breasts). With the right bra, a woman with great forms will be able to visually reduce your weight, lifting the chest and opening the waist.

The texture of the bra is selected depending on the purpose of underwear. Lace would be appropriate for an evening outfit, but for everyday wear it is better to choose the bra smooth textures and neutral colors (black, white or beige). Variegated multi-colored camisoles suitable for beach holidays or for the home.

In her wardrobe should have a few different bras by color, shape, texture and model. Then you will always what to wear any clothes.