According to statistics 70% of women wear a bra that does not suit them. Why is this happening? Very often, having fitted several models in the store, the woman is tired and agrees to one that sat better than all the rest.

The bust, which she calls the seller might not change every few years. But in this woman's life so much has happened: more money, weight loss, pregnancy, the birth of the baby. All this affects the the breast, its shape and size.

How to determine the right size

Correctly selected size – the key to choosing the right bra. Size underwear are designated by number and letter. The number denotes the chest circumference, and the letter is the Cup size.

To properly determine your size, ask someone close to you to make the necessary measurements. Chest is measured under the breast, the cm must not move up or down. And for the amount of cups you need to measure your chest at the nipples, then subtract from it the first value (the chest circumference).

The difference in 10-12 cm corresponds to the Cup of AA, 12-13 cm And 13-15 cm, 15-17 cm, 18-20 cm – D, etc.

How to choose the right model

The classical model of bra has no bones, closed soft cups and wide straps. This model is suited to women with large or sagging Breasts, providing her the necessary support.

Model "Pushap" supports the Breasts only from below, leaving the top open. The straps are wide-set, if necessary they can detach. This bra will suit owners of small Breasts, giving it a little volume.

The model of "push-up" due to the foam inserts give additional space and can increase the Breasts by one to two sizes. It can be put on any woman.

Underwire bra will support the breast of a medium size, lift her improving form.

In addition to these basic models, there are also strapless bras, seamless and sport models, the bra is "Mini Mizer" and a special model for nursing. If you are not sure, ask the sales assistant to help you.

As it sits right bra

The perfect bra is not felt on the body, compresses and rubs.

It fits snugly to the body, but in the back you can stick one finger. If the bra is too tight, the side appear fat cushions.

The breast should be completely inside the cups don't fall out the bottom or side, not squeezed on top. The Cup should not puff up and form folds.

Clasp must be strictly parallel to the floor.