Silicone bra is not the standard underwear for everyday wear. It to choose certain clothing. It is therefore important that the model not only came to specific things – the dress, sundress or top, but also showed the chest in the best possible way. Therefore, manufacturers of silicone bras offer several options. Oval pads are suitable for almost any outdoor clothing, even to the bustier dress. Stretched up the cups more choose the tops with a halter neckline or smell. It is worth noting that the most natural look silicone bras with drop-shaped, tapering to the center of the sconce. Sometimes the top layer of articles coated with a thin spandex Nude.
There are models of silicone bras with an imitation nipple. Looks like this option is very natural, but hardly suitable for official receptions and celebrations.


Most of the manufacturers offer silicone bras three sizes, corresponding to the usual options A, b and C, but number 1, 2 and 3.
Silicone bra allows you to create eye-catching cleavage between the Breasts, even with their small size. It is enough to place the cups a little further away from each other.

The new product is fully protected with a film, no one in the store don't allow to remove it, so before you buy, you will have to choose "by eye". For this you need to determine your breast size, girth underneath is not important. You can also compare the size of silicone pads cups the most comfortable bra or just put the model on the bust. It is worth considering that the invisible bras, especially Korean and Chinese production, usually of small size, so it is necessary to carefully choose the model. In the Internet you can find negative reviews that the cups be removed from the chest, most likely, the size was selected incorrectly.
There are silicone tabs, you must place them in your favorite bra and your chest will look too big.


Invisible bras are made from high quality hypoallergenic silicone, so it can be worn even pregnant, because pregnancy is not a reason to refuse to go out in beautiful dresses. In the period of lactation they are also safe, but the effectiveness of these sconces is questionable, because when unsettled lactation possible leakage of milk that affects a snug fit silicone. But when the child grows up, the silicone bra will help visually improve the shape. Despite the fact that all manufacturers guarantee the safety of using these bras with proper care and use, it is necessary to give preference to well-known brands with a good reputation and remember that they are contraindicated for people with sensitive skin and for burns, including solar.