Intensive systematic exercise will help over time to achieve the desired result, but to wait for it will be very long. In that time, doing special exercises and performing them correctly, learn to do push-UPS will be much faster. When you perform a new exercise, you should monitor the correctness of all actions, and especially to observe to avoid blunders, otherwise it is possible that the person will even cause yourself harm.

Push-UPS on different surfaces

Training push-UPS is based on the principle from simple to complex. Mastering simple, gradually complicate the action. You have three choices of activities: push-UPS from the wall; then to the dais, which is able to overcome the body; and gradual reduction. Eventually develop the ability to do push-UPS from the floor.

Pushups from the wall very simple for the novice classes. Just enough to stand a meter away from the wall and begin to do push-UPS. To try to do push-UPS as much as will afford, and after that repeat, making five approaches. After the wall is gradually "close" to the floor, using the rise in the previous scheme.

The last thing to do is to pull the hill, but to do push-UPS from knees. This allows to reduce the load. Being accustomed to these exercises, you can begin to do push-UPS the classic version.

It is important during class to follow a scheme that is systematic.