Before you start to learn to do push-UPS on one hand, you have to master push-UPS on two. Train the muscles of the arms, chest, shoulders and abs. First, make sure that you can wring out from the floor on two hands in the classic version at least fifty times.
Now let's complicate a little style push-UPS, learn how to do push-UPS with a narrow formulation of the hands. While large and middle fingers of both hands should touch each other.
Start to master push-UPS with wide hand positioning. Arms out to the sides as wide as you can, and exercise. If you can do push-UPS, fifty times, proceed to the next stage of training.
Start-UPS in a position where the legs are above the head. Find any bench or use the couch at home. In this position, on hands, chest muscles and shoulders have a much bigger load.
Master push-UPS with jumps. A variant of this exercise is push-UPS with claps. The exercise is quite difficult, if you were able to master them, you can switch to pushups on one hand.
To perform a push-up on one hand, straighten your body and hold it on your outstretched hand and toes. Find the balance, your body should not shake or wobble. To make it easier to keep balance in this position, slightly move the other leg to the side. Second hand behind the back, the fingers of the hand that you hold, point forward. Look direct in the floor.
Now start to slow down on one hand. When you get down to the 10-15 cm and freeze in this position for some time. Then press, return to starting position. Do a few repetitions.
Adjust the arm. Now, the other hand behind the back and to the side, take the other leg. Do the same thing – get down to 10-15 cm, lock your body at this point, and then press off the floor and return to starting position.
If you find it hard to maintain balance while push-UPS, hand get not the back, and place on the thigh – it will help you.