This diet is aimed at weight reduction, not for nothing so called because one piece should be exactly 5 tablespoons. To speed up metabolism you need to eat frequently and small portions 4-5 times. Getting at one time the volume of food that does not exceed two hundred grams, the body changes and the stomach is reduced in volume. 150 grams – so many people need to reduce weight.

This diet in its structure, changes the physiology of the digestive tract, reducing distended stomach to its normal size. The result is that losing weight normalizes appetite, extreme hunger will not be felt, as always, and the volume of used products retain a feeling of satiety for a long time. This system is in compliance is very simple, because the volume of food taken should not be more than five tablespoons. What kind of food is each person's decision.

Diet menu:

• The volume of used products – unlimited.

• Scope of products – 5 tablespoons.

• Type of dishes is diverse.

• Break – not less than 3 hours.

• Liquid up to two liters per day.

• Tea, coffee, juice – no sugar.

• Eliminate sweet carbonated water and juices.

• Meat eating is permissible.

• Raw fruits and vegetables required, but you need to weigh before use.

• Reduce salt content in food, it increases appetite.

• Food does not need to drink because the eaten portion will be more specified rules.

On this simple diet, the results will be visible very quickly, 5-day compliance with all the principles will perceive the new way of eating, and in a week you will lose weight almost 8 pounds! This diet is very useful as you can stick to it for an unlimited period of time. Women who have used this method of food, spoke of her very positive, they were not feeling hungry, weight not stood still, it was not unpleasant situations to the organism.