You should first decide what elements of carnival costume Malvina will allow you to create a realistic image of this character. These elements are:
- blue wig or blue;
- elegant dress;
- pants;
- big bow on his head.

Dress Malvina with their hands

If in the wardrobe of your daughter has a fancy dress soft pastel colors, it can be used as a suit Malvina. If not, dress you need to buy or sew.
Monochrome jacquard dress of satin or chiffon will look light and airy.

The top of the dress is cut in the shape of satin. For the pattern, you can use the t-shirt, well-fitting on the child. For this you need to put it on the fabric, then cut around the chalk, to add the necessary seam, carefully cut and stitch. In the middle back of the dress insert and a hidden zipper.

Skirt dress Malvina is a 3 layer chiffon ruffles. The latter should be double, with a difference of 2 cm in the bottom layer of ruffles should be of such length to show the panties to about knee level. Following ruffles need to do is the shorter of the 5 and 10 cm.

Chiffon on the bias should be cut out strips of fabric. Than they are longer, the more magnificent will dress Malvina. Treat the ruffles on the bottom seam "zigzag", while the top - probarte to a desired width. Sew them to the top of the outfit.

Sleeves can be done one of two types: the "wings" or "lanterns". For "wings" cut-out chiffon oval, fold in half and sew to the dress Malvina, laying the pleats. If you want to sew a sleeve in the form of "lanterns", cut out of them very wide and then collect by hand at 5 cm from the edge.

Knickers for fancy dress costume Malvina

Then you need to sew pants that will complement your carnival costume Malvina. To build patterns you can use extra long wide shorts. Cuffs and waistband to insert the elastic.
These pants will look especially cute if you decorate them with lace or ruffles.

Knickers must look out from under the dress approximately 15 cm Suit Malvina should be wide enough to decorate a bow belt. It will have plenty of satin fabric a strip length of 150 cm and a width of 20 cm, fold it in half (inside facing) and stitch, leaving the reversing of the not sewed place. Then remove the belt, iron it with an iron and sew the hole.

Hairstyle Malvina with their hands

What carnival costume Malvina will do without the blue hair? You can purchase blue or blue faux hair in a specialty store or to make yourself a wig of colored paper. As a basis use or a light knitted cap, leaving the forehead open, or frame of elastic cardboard.

Take a thin sheet of paper having a width of approximately 30 cm Slice them into inch strips, while not reaching the edge of the sheet. Next, curl the strips using sharp scissors, pencil or Curling irons. Sew or glue the curls to the base, creating a hairstyle Malvina. Lush tie bow and with stealth attach it to the wig. That's all, carnival costume fairy girl with blue hair is ready.