In compliance with diet possible to lose weight up to 10 kg in one week, but she has a lot of side effects. An example of such effects can be: headache, apathy, depression, drowsiness. Maximum length for this diet is not more than 14 days. Adding to the diet fruit will help to remove all these nasty symptoms.

The essence of this method of weight loss is very simple - during the day you can eat only buckwheat, buckwheat and nothing but buckwheat. You are allowed to drink low-fat (1%) yogurt. It is possible to add to your diet a couple of apples a day, but keep in mind that while the expected benefits may decrease. You can drink without restrictions, but only water (plain or mineral), and green tea without sugar, the rest is better to abstain.

In the early days is the active weight loss to 1 kilogram per day), but you need to remember that the fat burning process has not yet begun. This is output of fluid from the body. Then the speed slows down and becomes constant. The repetition rate results may not be as significant.

The main secret of this diet is proper cooking buckwheat. The ratio of cereals and water 1:3, respectively (e.g., 200 g of buckwheat, and 600 g of water). Croup is washed and filled with boiling water. All this is necessary to close the lid and leave overnight. If you use a thermos, cooking time is reduced to several hours. Salt and spices in this diet is prohibited. The food should be fresh. For taste in the porridge, you can add all the same yogurt, or crumble some apples. The last meal can be carried out no later than 7 PM. With a diet in addition to weight loss, is the removal of waste, toxins and General health of the body.

The use of buckwheat diet is very diverse and is not limited to the above written.