Advantages of buckwheat diet

If you don't like a rigid framework and prefer variety in food, this diet is for you. It eliminates the use of any food, except that which is prepared with buckwheat, and it is forbidden to add to porridge, vegetables and meat. However, you have dozens of different variations of cooking buckwheat, and delicious buckwheat pancakes. A great dish for you can be a traditional Russian stewed porridge, which is boiled, and pour boiling water and keep warm for hours. Salt need not be added, but you can put a piece of butter.
Allowed to complement the buckwheat honey or a small amount of dried fruit and drink green tea, water and nonfat yogurt.

Even if you use different options for cooking buckwheat, remember to follow this diet longer than three days, without entering into the diet of other products, in any case impossible, as it can badly affect your health. If you can last on the diet for 1-3 days, it will help you to cleanse the body and improve digestion, and lose a little weight. If you need to extend the diet, it is necessary to enter into the diet products which are combined with buckwheat: vegetables, lean meat and fish.

The advantages of the rice diet

If you need a quality colon cleansing, normalization of stool and help in the excretion of toxins from the body, regularly use a rice diet. To improve health it is more useful than the buckwheat. Moreover, its use contributes to weight loss even when you don't adhere to this diet, as properly selected and cooked rice well to get rid of constipation and other problems, which may become an additional cause of weight gain.
After rice diet is necessary to adhere to a balanced nutrition, otherwise your efforts will have been in vain.

However, it is important to remember that you will have 2-3 days there is only parboiled and raw rice, cooked without sugar and salt or drenched with boiling water. About the diversity or the special taste of the dishes here can not speak, because milk sweet rice porridge, rice balls and other dishes be banned. If you will be difficult thing to endure, buckwheat diet will be your best option. But keep in mind that though it is easier, but less effective than rice.

The use of rice diet can lead to lower calcium levels in the body, so it is very important to complement the menu, yogurt, low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese. It is also recommended to use products with potassium.