First, the myth of the exercises using light weight. Some people believe that regardless of the weight of the dumbbells or weights, you can achieve a beautiful toned body. Just need more practice. No, it is not so! Of course, the muscles react to this load, but here we are talking about microscopic tearing of these muscles. Under a heavy load, and not in the repetitions, the muscles are quietly torn apart, and then come back to normal through regeneration. This is gain muscle – the key to a beautiful body. But not only the weight in these exercises is of great importance - the main thing is to observe proper nutrition. It is necessary not only to lead a healthy lifestyle, but also to consume vitamins. That really affects the achievement of the relief of the body? First and foremost, fat burning. Fat you need to burn large loads on the muscles, but not repetitions of exercises. In this process, the burning fat more rapidly, you need to use a complex of exercises consisting of strength, cardio and aerobic exercise. Of course, any success in this area depends on supply.

Second, the myth of aerobics. Most women and girls believe that they will lose weight in the short term, if day and night are performing aerobic exercise. But this is just another misconception! In fact, if to pay attention only to such loads, there is a risk to burn not only fat but also muscles. And it is unlikely such a result someone will be like. Why? But because if the person loses muscle mass, it with it loses its efficiency.

Third, the myth of the great weight weight loads. Some women do not take up heavy tools or weights because you're afraid of becoming like men. But fear not, because weight training using heavy weights contribute to the formation of the body beautiful and fit.

Fourth, the myth about calories. Many ladies believe that the blame for their excess weight are just extra calories. No, it is also a myth. It is not the calories and amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates, and in their proportional ratio.

Fifth, the myth of weight muscle and fat. Everyone is talking about the fact that fat is lighter than muscle, so it is more. No. Their weight is the same, but different volume. Therefore, to refer to the fact that your weight more weight another person just because of muscle, not worth it!