Many wonder: "is it Possible, without resorting to this nasty word "diet", always stay slim and beautiful?"

So, all this possible! The rule is the following items and drop diet away from itself:

1. Drink! Drink in any strange situation: when you want to quench your thirst when you feel hungry when just bored. Of course, it is better to drink pure water – the bare minimum is 2 litres. But also good herbal teas (oregano, mint, Melissa). Also, these teas have a calming effect.

2. Eat like a bird, little and often. And be hungry in no time, and calories excess don't you know all it will take to ensure Your ability to live. But when eating the food fails to digest and absorb all the food that is extremely bad and affects the entire digestive system.

3. All of the most severe and harmful food to fit in your Breakfast. In this case, the extra calories with the best efficiency will be spent during the day.

4. Forget about the habit to fill the stomach before you sleep tonight Your body is preparing for sleep, and digest food he did not want to. In the end, food is energy, why do You need energy before bed?

5. Love the green in it is concentrated the maximum concentration of trace elements and it is rich in fiber and protein. Also a greens can be combined with absolutely any products.

6. Don't forget that a clean colon is a huge advantage. Do not be lazy to regularly cleaning manipulation, and eat more vegetables containing crude fiber (cabbage, cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper).

8. To be most effective it is possible to add to the diet products that help breakdown of fats. Flax seeds, grapefruit, red hot pepper and cinnamon can become You good friends!

9. Should not overly limit yourself. If you scared like some kind of delicacy, add it to your menu, only in small amounts and preferably in the morning.

10. And, of course, sports! If You hate running and weight training, just walk – it's not a less powerful weapon for fat, if You walk regularly. Besides, walking improves mood and relieves stress. Also very useful to practice a contrast shower. This procedure will help to make the skin elastic and your metabolism fast.