So, you are training the first year, but the benefits of training less and less tangible. Have you thought about giving exercise, but you try fighting with him again and go to the gym or on the Playground with the hope that this exercise will bring you the desired result. And is just to cross the threshold of the gym as inspiration disappears and exercise again fails. It is a psychological problem and need to solve it.

Don't force yourself, you don't treat training as a responsibility, try to realize and appreciate that this is your choice. Don't plan the workout and just come to the gym and do what you want. Spend a few such training "for the soul" and it will put you in the right direction. After you can start to plan your training and set goals. These two simple tips will help you develop the correct training and overcome themselves.

Further, the exercise has brought more benefit, you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself. We often talk about this, but always forget about it in training. Not feeling sorry for myself , this does not mean that you need to raise excessive weight and train for 3 hours or more. No. We should avoid thoughts about fatigue. Performing exercises, concentrate on overcoming weight and not on the observation of their own (usually happens Vice versa). If not, try not to count the repetition, and just pick up the weight and do repeat as much as you can, eventually it will become a habit, and you'll train harder.

And the last aspect - overcome pain during exercise. Don't be afraid of pain. This is impossible, but anyone can do it. You need to set a goal and act. Say to yourself - Yes, maybe I'll feel bad then, Yes, perhaps I will faint, but I'll do it! And with such thoughts to act. Whether performing an exercise, focus on working the muscles. The longer it gets, the better. Remember that every extraneous thought reduces the benefit from the workout! Focus on breathing, heartbeat, sensations in the muscles when doing the exercises, and then the effectiveness of your workouts will increase in times! Good luck!