For this you will need a piece of thin fat easily detached from his skin. Two palms in width and the same length. Aligned as a ruler edge is entirely optional. Brusenka or podbuzhie will not work! Perfect bacon, cut from the ribs.

Gently separate the skin from fat. You can use a knife, but the knife never needs to damage the "selfish part". Postpone the future "clothes" delicacy aside. Yet.

Very fat RUB both sides with salt. Salt should not be much, quite a bit more than on the chops. Respective bacon on the table and spread on it, sliced into thin "leaves" garlic. If you have greens, sprinkle it heavily the entire surface of the bacon with garlic. On the pillow lay the garlic, spread with a stuffing of grated pumpkin with finely sliced onions. Add salt to taste. The pumpkin is easy to substitute regular carrots, but pumpkin is better!

Turn fuelled thus the fat in a dense loaf. If you want, you can roll from area to area, the type cruasan and obvolakivaet resulting "croisant" previously removed the skin from fat.

Now is the time twine. Pull twine sebaceous roll as pack of sausages, not forgetting hard to pull the "tails" of the resulting "sausages" and put in a sleeve for baking.

Roll sausage lovingly laid on a baking sheet and place in hot, preheated 180* the oven. Time 1.5 to 2.5 hours; it all depends on the thickness of the roll of sausage.

Almost ready to roll put on the grill and leave to "walk" in the cooling oven with the door closed. When the oven has cooled down, will be the last step. Step away from the oven to the fridge. Finally "walk", and at the same time to cool such rolls have in the fridge! It will take a couple of hours.

All! The sleeve can be removed, the twine is cut, the resulting roll will have not only the intoxicating aroma, elegant Golden color, but also the most delicious taste! The best side dish for this delicacy – black bread, boiled potatoes and of course green onions with tomatoes!