For a long time fat was considered a food of the poor because rich people got the best cuts of pork carcasses. Fat gave energy to the poor to work. Very interesting the role of fat in the discovery of America by Columbus. Many historians agreed that if it were not for the fat on Columbus ' ship, he would in any case never got to the New world. The sailors of Columbus exhausted, eating only fish, so the captain gave them sometimes fat, maintaining their livelihoods and giving energy.

When choosing a fat for pickling pay attention to the following points: it is necessary to choose only the product with thin skin, the fat should be firm, thick and smooth. One of the best ways to test fat is to pierce it with a sharp knife: good quality and easy to puncture, but it will slightly resist. In the context of fat should be white or slightly pinkish. Fat with a yellowish color, not worth buying.

The recipe for pickling fat at home

For pickling you will need:

  • fresh bacon - 1 kg;
  • garlic - 1 clove;
  • salt - 100 g;
  • seasoning - 1 packet (intended for fat, smoked meat or bacon);
  • Bay leaf - 5 PCs.

Fat is better to choose meat, then it will be much tastier.

Join the salt and spices, meant to be smoked, RUB this mixture every piece of fat on all sides. In any case, do not use more salt than required.

The garlic peel, then cut into small plates. In a small bowl, put the salt, garlic and Bay leaf on top to decompose fat, skin down, and then sprinkle it with garlic and put a couple Bay leaves.

Cover the container with fat cloth and leave at room temperature for 2 days. After the specified time the capacity needs to be put in the fridge for three days. After this time, the homemade bacon with garlic ready.

Before use, must use paper towels or napkins to remove any salt. The fat should be stored in a plastic bag or in special containers in the freezer. In case you want to strengthen the taste of garlic, then feed them each a piece.

So you can pickle in home conditions, fat, which is significantly superior to the taste of store.