You will need
    • fat - 1.5 kg;
    • coarse salt - 150 g;
    • water 1.5 l;
    • Bay leaf;
    • black peppercorns;
    • garlic.
To fat turned out delicious, it is necessary to pay special attention to the quality of raw product. Select a piece of bacon with a well cleansed skin. If it is a thin, slightly yellowish or pink, then you will get a soft and tasty product. Darkest shade of skins suggests that the fat is taken from an old animal.
Prepare fat thickness not less than 2.5 cm lateral or dorsal aspect of the carcase. His color should be white or pale pink. It is desirable that the selected piece had a small meat layer. Naturally, fat should be only from healthy pigs.
Cut the bacon on a plate and slice them to skin. The resulting cuts put chopped garlic, mixed with Bay leaf and black pepper. Put the bacon into the prepared clean container.
Prepare the brine. For this take boiling water without foreign taste and smell (better if it is filtered). In hot water dissolve salt. The brine is ready, strain through a thick cloth. This will help to get rid of impurities that are always present in coarse salt.
Pour the bacon cooked brine so that it completely covered the pieces. A bowl of marinated bacon, place in a cool dark place. The optimum temperature for salting and storage - 2-4C.
A week later the bacon is ready to eat. Remove it from the brine and before to the table, dry with a cloth.