Emotions varied, but the reaction to them alone. Child is calm if he was all happy, and cries when experiencing negative emotions. And with all these parents cope well. But when the baby gets older, and the emotions he gets bigger. Among all this variety highlight the anger.

It is the anger of a child brings loving fathers to rabies and moms to despair. A small child unable to control their feelings and deal with them, and therefore any "injustice" reacts very sharply. Forms of anger can be very different: the child may scream and cry, throwing things, rolling on the ground, to hit or to bite the offender. Often a child reacts like that not get what they want. Behind it can crisis of 3 years, parents divorce, mom left on business, the beginning of kindergarten, the emergence of a younger brother, poor health - in General, anything.

What did your parents do?

First, let's take responsibility for our relationship with the child. After all, we are adults and we are talking about our children. How the parents relate to the child's feelings, and anger in particular, affects his self-image, his world and friends. This will inevitably affect how your child will continue to build relationships and to cope with difficulties.

Second, remember that being angry is normal. People who can not Express their anger are not able to protect himself, he sends all the aggression inside, thereby destroying themselves and their health.