Often adults solve their problems through the manifestation of aggressive decisions, actions, and words. Sometimes it is so hard to overcome this feeling, to give him to acquire destructive power. Children are also susceptible to this. If with adults everything is clear, what about the kids? Where aggression is taken in them and where to disappear?

Initially, aggressive behavior helped to survive in society, to achieve their goals. According to psychologists, aggression is nothing like absolute power. Control does not allow her to go beyond the legal framework and to acquire destructive consequences for the person.

If the situation with conflicts in the team again, parents need to be patient and throw all his strength to class with the child. Perhaps the child is physically weaker than his comrades, then mom can write it in the sports section, this will help the child, will give confidence and entice. Parents can also arrange for baby holiday, baby will be the star and highlight of the program, to invite his friends from kindergarten. It will raise the credibility of the child in the eyes of their peers.

If excessive emotionality and captain Sebastian Pereira ... baby doctors advise light soothing treatments. Walks in the fresh air, restful sleep, warm bath with soothing charges, chamomile tea. And, of course, the most important - a child needs to feel unconditional love and attention of parents. Whatever it was, pampered or docile, meek or bully a student or a d student.