Try to understand the reasons that cause you anger. Is the provocateur of a certain person or kind of a sore subject? Or you're angry at any remark in your address? If you're being annoying, keep your communication to a minimum, and when a chance encounter force yourself to smile and politely say Hello. If you can't handle a certain topic of conversation, avoid it, or try to take in its discussion of passive participation. If outbreaks of angerand appear at any remark in your address, you need to work on your personal worldview and ability to accept criticism.
Imagine how you look from the side during the outbreak of anger, and how you perceive the source. If possible, go to the mirror in an irritable condition, and evaluate the kind of person who are not able to control myself.
Before rude can respond to the other party or to yell at him, try to calm down. Take a few deep breaths. Count to ten and formulate in my head right answer.
If you understand that you can't keep anger, go to another room or outside. Do some physical exercise to get the body discharge. If anger overpowers you in the workplace, take unnecessary paper and rip it into small pieces. Try switching to some occupation.
Try to look at the situation from the outside whether the problem of such costs emotions. Is there a way to find the right solution? Do you have enough arguments to defend his opinion? If you are not sure of the correctness or do not know how to prove his words, back away from the conversation.
Do not start a showdown or unpleasant conversations in the condition of fatigue. Otherwise, even a minor detail can cause in you a storm of emotions and to provoke anger. The time when you can adequately assess the situation and able to control their emotions.