In Russia to get the rights, it is necessary to provide the traffic police two matte photos 3x4 cm And they must be made specifically for a driver's license left-hand corner.

The area needed to in the future put the stamp on the document. And Matt paper helps to avoid divorce from the touch of your fingers, leaving an image of the driver is clean and clear. Another feature matte paper – the ability to maintain a seal, preventing the spreading of ink.

Please note that photo may be in color or black and white. In this matter the choice is up to the future driver.

If you get a certificate of the international sample, it is necessary to make the photo a different size – 3,5x4,5 cm Printing photographs should be on matte paper.

A modern division of traffic police with equipment to take pictures at the scene of the creation and issuance of rights. Because of this, most motorists are not problems of preparing photos in advance.

Approach the process of photography seriously. After all, the photo will remain on the document for several years. Most people prefer to see the documents in black-and-white image.

Women also share this view, it is necessary to consider some features such photos. The lips, painted bright lipstick, the picture will become black, and if the lipstick is a pale – bright white. To avoid Shine on the face will help the application of a small amount of powder. Purple and close to him shades of eye shadow can help to create the effect of bruising under the eyes.

Choosing a hairstyle, pay attention to what is too tight in a bun or tail hair will not look really good on these photos. The fact that it is full face, this hairstyle can create a feeling that you do not have hair.

At the time of creation of the frame remember some pleasant moment of your life or think about something good. Due to this, your face will become a friendly, open expression.