You will need
  • Women: comfortable soft clothes of any color, except white, scarf, makeup.
  • Men: comfortable clothing or a classic suit of any color, except white.
The official requirements for clothing for ID photos only if you can't take pictures for the interior decoration on your work - for such a case, of course, to prefer the style of the inner of the dress code. Clothes to take photos on the documents have to be comfortable, so you don't feel awkward and it's not reflected on your face. It is not recommended to come to the photographer in white, because usually in the Studio set, the white background in the final image it will blend with your clothes.
Full girls and women should not wear to a survey contrasting clothes, orange shirt and blue jeans. This combination visually emphasizes figure flaws, especially when a sudden light. Better choose something plain and loose, you can use fabric with a small figure. If you are worried about the double chin, use a light silk scarf, tucking it under the rest of the outfit, just make sure that he did not close the face when shooting. The minimum length of a skirt just above the knee, but not shorter.
Men choose clothes easier. If you don't want the pictures to look like, put on a classic three-piece suit - it will hide all the flaws of your figure. Would be better if the suit is dark, the shirt white or just bright, this combination is visually slimming. In advance, make sure that the shirt was sized too small collar not only hinders breathing, but it also shows your double chin, even if in other clothes it is not noticeable. If problems with the figure you have, fit and jeans, a sweater and any shirt, not too bright and colorful. In shorts and t-shirts it is better not to be photographed.
In passport photographs clothing is almost never important - at the moment only the face and shoulders, so in this case, the highest value for women purchase makeup and hairstyle, and for men posture and head tilt. But in any case, women are advised not to wear blouses and sweaters with shoulder pads - in the picture it looks unnatural, especially if you have large shoulders. If you want to emphasize the neck, use a dress or a blouse with a neckline, if you, on the contrary, want to hide its length, use a blouse with stand-up collar.