You will need
  • - passport (or another identity document, with a note of registration by place of residence);
  • - medical certificate;
  • - the document about passing of training;
  • - receipt for payment of fees;
  • - photo (at right new sample photo).
How can you become the owner of the rights of the new sample?First of all, remember that there is no need in whatever was to change the old law to the new. Old driver's license will be valid until the specified period on it without any restrictions. In addition, where the traffic police post is not already equipped with card readers (scanners), will issue the usual old law.
Priority right to obtain the rights of the new sample will benefit primarily those who get right the first time. To do this, beginners need: - to be trained in driving school;
- to hand over internal examination and get admission to the exam in the GIBDD;
- successfully pass the exam in the traffic police, namely the theory in the form of a test, a Playground and last but most difficult step – a trip to the city. If you are well traveled on the specified route, without making mistakes, then congratulations, driving law new sample your.
In addition, to the right of the new image (s) in connection with the termination of their term. To do this:- fill out the application and examination card of the driver;
- provide a medical certificate and a few photos 3,5x4,5 cm (black-and-white or color);
- don't forget to bring your receipt of payment of the fee in the amount of 800 rubles.
To the right of the new sample , you can for other reasons:- in case of change of name;
- in case of loss of ID card;
- in the case of other circumstances (e.g. relocation).