Now there are many television programs, where "zamuhryshki" doing "Cinderella". From the experts it takes 2-3 hours. Experienced and highly skilled image-maker knows that in such a short time make it impossible. To pick up clothes is not as difficult. Choose a hairstyle and makeup too. Much more difficult to change the inner world of the client. Even despite attractive wrapper, an important inner world of man. The task of image maker to create not only a new look but also a new identity.

The expert will tell you how to behave in society, when to keep silence and when to smile. It turns out that the image maker is a hairdresser, stylist, makeup artist, and psychologist in one person.

If you think that with taste you have everything in order, and you will be able to teach a person to dress properly and say, there's plenty of image-makers. First, visit the image of the courses and listen to experts. Professionals will give you a base for work. You will learn what you can wear, what clothes must be selected in accordance with the characteristics of the shape, what should be the perfect basic wardrobe, how face shape to choose the hairstyle. In addition, get acquainted with female and male etiquette, learn how to apply makeup.

Image maker – a profession in demand. Here only really standing specialists in this area a bit. Do not have to have certificate courses cool image, to become a professional. These professionals are valued and sought after and no "brown" will not help.

Image maker, working at the officials and stars, not only to create the image, but writing for clients speeches for speeches. In showbiz upscale the image a bit, so it often happens that one specialist is working with multiple customers.

In advertising a good image-makers do not need. The so-called "word of mouth is their best advertising.