Newest dishwashers greatly simplifies the life of the household, to start using the miracle technique, you need to read the instructions. It will indicate, dishes what material is not recommended to wash in the dishwasher. Such limitations are explained by the long stay of the cooking utensils in hot water, exposure to detergents. Adversely affecting the detergent and drying at high temperature.

Utensils of metal and dishwasher

In the dishwasher can not lay the aluminum plates, cups and other items. All because such material is easily oxidized, so over time it will begin to deteriorate. Adversely affects the status of aluminum cookware is not so much high temperature of water and air as oxidizing agents, alkalis, contained in the dishwashing detergent.
Not to spoil the dishes during washing in the dishwasher, choose the sets with the corresponding marking.

It is not recommended to wash in the dishwasher silverware. They can be dimmed, covered with dark spots. Based on these considerations, it is not necessary to experiment, loading washing utensils made of copper, tin, lead.

Should not be exposed to wash cast iron cookware in the dishwasher, if such items do not have a non-stick or enamel coating. Excess moisture will lead to rust formation on the surface of the cookware.

What else can not be washed in the dishwasher

Do not wash in the dishwasher crystal, porcelain or China sets with patterns. With such sets quickly washed away figure, gilt or made lighter.

In automatic mode it is impossible to wash utensils and cutting boards from wood. This material quickly becomes dry and unfit for further use. And cannot be washed in the dishwasher and the dishes are decorated with wooden inserts. The same rule applies to glued wooden boards. The only exceptions are those cutting boards that in the manufacture of coated with additional water-repellent layer.
In the dishwasher do not wash the cooking utensils, soiled with paint, candle wax, or ashes.

In the dishwasher do not wash disposable dishes and carefully to load washing plastic dishes. It may deteriorate under the influence of high temperature, to deform, or change color after washing. Can be washed in the machine only heat resistant plastic utensils.