What are antibiotics

Antibiotics - drugs used as antimicrobials. Their appearance in the 30-ies of XX century became a sensation. Drugs of this group think is a powerful weapon in the fight against pathogens that have tormented mankind for thousands of years. Since antibiotics came into our lives that 97% of the citizens in the home medicine Cabinet are 2-3 kinds of antibiotics. People are free to buy them at the pharmacy without waiting for a prescription.

Indications for use of antibiotics

Antibiotics are prescribed only for bacterial infections, in viral infections they are not effective.

With SARS and influenza they are not assigned, they will have only adverse effect. Some patients think that antibiotics and sulfonamides reduce the temperature. Temperature when SARS passes, regardless of the antibiotic!

Bacterial tonsillitis is treated with antibiotics, but the diagnosis can be established only on the basis of the sowing. 99% of sore throats are caused by viruses and in any case do not require antibiotics.

Most pneumonias are bacterial in origin, in this case, you need antibiotics.

The question of the appointment of the antibiotic in each case must be decided only by the doctor at internal survey!

The harm caused by antibiotics.

Antibiotics inhibit not only the growth of bacteria, but kill the natural intestinal flora, which leads to serious consequences: intestinal dysbiosis, weak immune system, kidney disease, the appearance of allergies etc. Many antibiotics worse than alcohol "thrown" our livers and clog her bile ducts. Is the formation of the microflora that are resistant to commonly used antibiotics. Resistance of bacteria to antibiotics and the emergence of superbugs is a serious threat to humanity as a whole.

American scientists claim that the frequent use of antibiotics increases the risk of cancer.

Absolutely can not take antibiotics with expired shelf life, they are very dangerous.

Alternative treatment

For the treatment of many diseases since ancient times people have used the products and herbs containing antibiotics of natural origin. Natural antibiotics do not weaken, but strengthen the body and play an important role in the treatment of infections of mild to moderate severity. These products include: raspberry, cranberry, honey, horseradish, garlic, sea buckthorn. Besides raspberries contain salicylic acid, which lowers the temperature of the body without side effects. Tea from the berries of viburnum helps with colds, flu, pneumonia, febrile States. Cranberries are used in folk medicine as an antipyretic, wound healing, diuretic.