Unfortunately, even in diamond there were enemies that amazing creation of jewelry to turn into dull trinket. One of the most formidable enemies of diamonds can be called time. So this decoration lasts as long as possible, should be attentive to the subtleties of care.

  1. To clean diamonds, it is necessary not less than once a month. This stone is very easily covered in a patina of various fats and this becomes dull and even visually appears smaller.
  2. To rid the stone from flying dust and oil can, dip it in warm water with detergent and gently brushing it with a toothbrush. It is recommended to use for this purpose a liquid shampoo. Soap, especially business, itself creates on the surface of the diamond dull patina. The products are then carefully rinsed in warm running water.
  3. Another effective remedy for cleaning diamond products is ammonia. In 1 glass of cold water is added a drop of ammonia into the solution for 30 minutes is immersed in the decoration. Then the stone is cleaned with a soft brush and again immersed in the solution. After that, the product get wet paper, not rinsing.
  4. Rings with diamonds require special care. Most of all they are dirty on the back side of the stone. To clean, moisten a cotton swab in vodka, the mixture of magnesium sulfate with ammonia or glycerol. After cleaning the ring is polished with a soft cloth. Do not attempt to clean the socket with a sharp object.
  5. Diamond jewelry should be protected from contact with chlorine compounds. They are harmful even for the stone but for the setting.
  6. Be sure to take off the diamond rings during household chores with the use of household chemicals. Despite the high strength of diamond, heavy blows on a hard surface can cause chipping of the surface of the fine particles.
  7. Do not store different products in one box. The stones can RUB against each other resulting in scratches.

And of course, once a year we have to show jewelry to an experienced jeweler. It helps to clean the products, test the reliability of the frames and renew the finish.