The value and beauty of diamonds

Diamond is a special way a faceted diamond. Perfect shape every jeweler gives the stone, allowing the diamond is very beautiful sparkle in the light. It is widely believed that the price of a diamond depends on its size, however this is not true.

You need to understand that natural diamonds are quite similar to the stones used to create jewelry. But from a rather nondescript diamond with the right cut, you can get a beautiful diamond. Most often this stone give a round shape, but common and fancy cuts: drop, heart, Marquis, triangle and others. A diamond of any shape must look good in the ring.

The purity of the stone affects how much sparkle faceted diamond. The stones are perfectly clean are much more expensive stones with extraneous inclusions and defects. Any defects worsen visible glitter, and small cracks (especially at the bottom of the stone) can cause it to split. When choosing a diamond ring, it is necessary to pay attention to the purity of the stone.

Color is another factor affecting the price of the diamond. The most common transparent stones or specimens with yellow tint, but diamonds are blue, pink, green, orange and other colors are much rarer, and accordingly their price can be quite high.

What you need to pay attention

The weight of the stone, of course, also affects the price. However, perfect rare color diamond weighing carat will cost much more diamonds with defects weighing 2 carats. It is worth considering this when choosing jewelry.

Before purchasing a diamond ring be sure to ask the seller a certificate on a piece of jewellery in this document should specify all the properties of stone weight, clarity, origin, and color.

Keep in mind that even a perfectly transparent diamond acquires any shade of the rim, so putting a goal to purchase a perfectly clear diamond is not worth it. But the purity of the stone is not worth saving. Don't buy cheap stones of questionable cleanliness, all kinds of defects, cracks and chips impair the brilliance of the stone, making it dull and not too attractive.

Always pay attention to the method of stone setting in jewelry. Considered the most durable maroon — with this method of setting diamond is held with thin legs that allows light to enter the stone from all sides, and it is wonderfully shimmering in the light.

Not worth buying a ring (especially a wedding), decorated with diamonds across the frame, if you want to increase or decrease its size in the future, it will be difficult.