Overactive bladder (OAB) is a disease of the urinary organs in which a person is often concerned about sudden and urgent urination in some cases incontinence.

The frequency of OAB among adults is less than 11%. The problem of overactive bladder can occur at any age but is more common in patients after 40 years. Women are more susceptible to the disease

The main symptoms of an overactive bladder:

  • frequent and strong urge to urinate;
  • urinary incontinence, involuntary urine opustanje immediately after the urge;
  • frequent urination (more than 8 times during the day);
  • nocturia awakening two or more times per night to go to the toilet.

Manifestations of overactive bladder significantly reduce the quality of life and comfort of man, affects all aspects of life – personal, social, professional. Because you need to have constant access to the toilet, what causes a person to refuse from visiting public places and events, long trips. Women, afraid to be in an awkward position, constantly forced to use the absorbent pads, since involuntary contractions of the bladder in this disease can occur at any moment. All this imposes serious limitations on the active life, patients, especially women, prefer to stay home, indulging in entertainment, Dating, sports. In an effort to hide the problem from others, at work, they experience constant anxiety, all this together leads to chronic stress and even depression and worsens quality of life.

The main obstacle to the effective treatment of OAB is an incorrect perception by patients of their condition. Women often bear the symptoms of OAB for cystitis, symptoms of age-related changes in the body or the consequences of childbirth. According to statistics, about 95% of women suffering from OAB, don't go to the doctor. Some patients, trying to hide an embarrassing problem, just run the disease. So, first of all, seeing even partial manifestations of OAB, you should immediately seek the assistance of a urologist.

About how to solve the delicate problem of the GMF, you will find on the portal about urination disorders Uro-infowhere you can get all the important information on the disease. On the portal you can get online expert advice. This will help to prepare you to visit a urologist.

In addition, the portal Uro-info you can findreasons of the occurrence of urinary disorders, learn about methods of diagnosis and treatment of OAB. Here are important information about the prevention of disease and methods that can ease the symptoms of overactive bladder. In order to recognize OAB and not to start the problem, you need to be aware of the possible risk factors detailedin the portal Uro-info. This will help to notice the typical symptoms and not to write off alarm bells for extraneous reasons.

It is important to remember that the most important thing when you experience the first symptoms of OAB is not to self-medicate, and in time to see a urologist who will prescribe the right treatment.

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