But it was not always so. Remember the old ancestor Windows DOS-Shell. Great functionality it is different. As time went on, Windows to develop, become more functional, more interesting, more complex, more diverse.

The companies involved in the development, there are not only programmers and sales managers, as it may seem at first glance. An integral part of these firms are testers, thanks to them, programs and operating systems have become not only functional, but comfortable to use. Depends on them and be bought of the product.

For example, a large developer devotes a lot of time analyzing and testing the software product, in the end, he likes the user due to its "usability" (as in IT circles is called a property of the product when using it does not cause additional problems), and small cannot afford to pay additional staff, says the program quickly, not always efficiently, leaves everything as it is, in the end, the program to fulfill its functions, but people do not particularly like, simply put, it is not "usable". This implies that the user (user) is likely to choose what he is intuitive, often it is of little interest to the developer name.

To ensure that the program or OS was intuitive and easy, need a clear and convenient interface (the shell and toolbar). Not more picky the user can, of course, to cause the help window to read how to cope with the program, but it is a long and sometimes difficult to understand.

Consider an example from the sphere of 3D modeling. Compare the 2 companies and their software products: Ascon and Siemens (Solid Edge and Compass). Siemens has always been famous for user-friendly interface, when you create a project in Solid Edge, you can without reading instructions and books, it is easy to figure out where which button is how you rotate a model, but there is a drawback: the user is a beginner is not always into the model what you will. The Ascona has never been famous for user-friendly interface to remember where in Compass are buttons, you need to spend time, but the functionality is so simple that we always get what we desire.

The only area where the focus is always on user-friendliness, it is computer games, because, unlike programs that need to use them not, then there will be only buy the most comfortable and interesting.

In recent years, the majority of companies begin to pay attention to usablenet, it can not but rejoice.