First and foremost, all site elements must be combined and intelligently complement each other. The following rules of website design will help to avoid common mistakes.

1) Use the website has to be simple and convenient. So to start you should think carefully about navigation.

2) To attract users to use the original solution in the design, that is, give some "flavor". Information on the website should match the theme and to contribute to interest. Posting articles are checked for uniqueness and no errors. Best of all, if the project will stand out against other sites. To implement all the ideas into practice will help professional developers.

3) it is Necessary to take into account the interests of users, which can vary depending on their lifestyle, age, thinking. First and foremost, you need to identify the target audience of a web resource and only after that to consider the design of the website and its content.

4) Design of a web resource needs to be expressed. The natural proportions of the individual elements of the website, mostly the images are allowed to deform. In this case, allocating a single item, it is recommended to outshine the other. Various parts of the site should not compete with each other.

5) surely the presence of illustrations. Preferable to post more pictures and videos as the person remembers better visual information than text. Good effect, based on the human imagination, give posted on the website of numbers that contain specific information. An effective solution will display the digital data on the chart. For example, it may be indicators of the benefits of cooperation with the company that owns the site.

6) do Not use a large number of icons into the design. It can distract user attention from the main information. For icons it is better to apply a simple and popular icons.

7) it is Necessary to choose the right color scheme, which plays a supporting role on the website. The fact that colors evoke in people certain emotions, e.g., joy or surprise, trust, or Vice versa, suspicion.

All of these principles of website design are key and contribute to its successful work.