For anybody not a secret that to wear this sport shoes is acceptable today not only with jeans but also with light, feminine dresses, and the image will only benefit from this. The new season offers us its own trends, along with the fresh combinations and solutions. The options are so many that every woman will find a worthy reason to wear sneakers in everyday life.

Let's start with the fact that to the fact everyday wear sneakers for a long time all used to, it's no longer taboo and it is no longer puzzled looks. However, some very interesting combinations, all also excite the minds of the unprepared. For example, what about sneakers and MIDI? It seems strange and even ridiculous, especially if we are talking about a delicate dress in pastel colors of silk. But this is the kind of sports clothes shoes fit perfectly, the important thing is to choose the most neutral model. Although it is possible to go by contradiction and to choose as Shoe something heavy and noticeable, there is a matter of taste.

The second combination is more peacefully. Add sneakers to the culottes seem quite natural, but there can be difficult. To avoid diversity of fashion mistakes, it is better to choose something plain, for example, in white or grey shades. Important maximum restraint details, otherwise there is a risk to visually increase its own two feet.

For those who has long dreamed to try on the dress-the combination, but for some reason did not have the win-win option: a combination of linen style and sneakers. This is a great solution for casual look, very comfortable, not overloaded and at the same time very original. Moreover, in a case with a printed combination, you can choose absolutely any model of sports shoes, but for pajama pants is best to choose something calm and solid.

And, of course, the sneakers will serve as a great addition to jeans of any style. Images with this shoes are simple, comfortable, but incredibly stylish, what a fashionista and love sneakers.