Sneakers is the sneakers for walking, which came to us from France sometime in 2009. They immediately won the love of many fashionistas, as this Shoe allows you to add growth cherished centimeters and lengthen the legs of the girl. Their distinguishing feature is the presence of a small heel, which smoothly passes into the sole. In this model, the legs feel very comfortable and, besides, you can match it with a stylish outfit.

The sneakers go perfectly with hoodies and jeans for all shapes and colors. Also fashionistas can complement your look with hats, and baseball caps. Sneaker made of leather could be easily worn with pants made of cotton in beige and grey tones, but cotton should choose a more dense composition, since such material will be more harmonious look. In this way will be appropriate to look like a checkered shirt.

Leggings and long sweaters is another great way. If you wear a shirt rich colors with the jacket, you get a bright image. To sneakers also combines all styles of skirts. If you prefer to wear a fitted skirt, then your top should be tucked in. Now a very fashionable way in the combination of long skirts and bulky sweaters. Sneakers can be combined with t-shirts, denim jackets in different colors and materials, as long as the selected way you feel comfortable and you will not feel discomfort.

Designers have provided winter warm fur sneakers. With them perfectly coat. In winter, you should give preference to the oversized accessories. It can be large and at the same time functional bags, scarves, hats.

Feel free to combine and match your unique image!