To learn how to combine jeans with sneakers, neobhodimo to choose the right model and decide to face whether you like the style. First, the shoes should be more casual than specific sports. The only exception is running shoes world famous brands: Nike, Reebok or Adidas. Look closely at the sneakers, sneakers, sneakers wedges, as well as models that cover the ankle.
Second, choose the right style and length jeans. Best with sneakers, sneakers and sneakers combines skinny or boyfriend, valid also wearing the classic straight trousers made of denim. Jeans should not be long: better open the ankle, weather permitting. You can even tuck the legs or to buy a model with cuffs. With flares, "bananas" and other wide pants sneakers look ridiculous. In addition, this kit reduces the visual height and adds weight.
Colors of sneakers must also be in harmony with other parts of the image. To visually lengthen your legs, choose shoes to match the pants. If you want to pay attention to their new "Nikes" or "chucks", make them a bright spot to your look, replacing flashy accessories for a minimalist. Jewelry doesn't go well with athletic shoes as well complete the look with jeans and heels.
It is believed that the piece you are going to combine jeans and shoes must not be athletic. Stylists suggest to wear this outfit with shirts, pullovers, jackets and coats. But lately, become a popular swag images, and varsity. The first refers to the days of the popularity of hip-hop and offers to wear sports shoes, especially branded with any clothing and jewelry. Varsity, in turn, advises to be like the American students who returned from training. It is characterized sporty bomber jackets, mens sweatshirts big size coats and sweaters with the symbols of the University teams.
Men's fashion is much konzervativna female, so most stylists still doubt if it is appropriate for the gentleman to wear jeans with sneakers. Agree trendsetters in one, and men must wear light pants with light shoes, and dark with dark. In addition, it is important to choose socks of the right color, especially if we are talking about the formation of the wardrobe of a business person.