You will need
  • 1. High sneakers.
  • 2. The laces (not necessarily the same)
The first option is traditional. Pass the lace through the bottom holes and out from both ends. Make sure that the ends of the laces crossed, and then skip them from the inside out through the holes. Repeat these steps until the upper holes.
Another way of lacing straight. Thread a strap through the bottom hole and get him inside the boat at both ends. Take the end of one string, lift it right up so that he came out of the upper hole, then thread it into the left. Now lift up both ends, and output each through one hole, then stretch to the opposite side and pull it up. Continue to lace up until one of the laces reach the top of the hole. The other end will come out through the remaining hole at the top.
A beautiful way to lace up shoes lacing is a "reverse loop". Pull the lace through the bottom holes and out of both holes at the sides. The left end of the lace spiral lift up, threading it under the hole stitches. The right end of the lace is also a spiral lift on the right side of the Shoe, simultaneously threading the loop of the left end.
Another way is a double helix. Start lacing from the bottom, the left lace needs to get out of the left hole and the right log to the right. The left end needs to get into the next right hole, and the right to withdraw from the left above. The process should take spiral to the top.