The majority of people annoying a child crying. And many people sincerely wish the child quickly calmed down in any way. This attitude can forgive the neighbor who has no relation to the upbringing of children. For mother it is very difficult task, you want to quickly find, understand the cause of hysteria, to choose the right approach and patience to complete.

Under two years of age, children often cry because of hunger, wet diaper, cold or heat, lack of mom around sleepiness or pain.

In children older than two years are able to explain what they want, the needs will be easier. But at this age begin to show manipulative tantrums. But not every tantrum is manipulative. If the baby cries from pain or a broken toy, it is now a children's grief is not inferior to serious adult. At this stage you have to give the baby to cry. No need to soothe, to distract, persuade, and especially to shame. Take a crying baby in your arms, hug and just be quiet. At this time, the child frees his mind from childhood experiences. When the baby calms down you can talk to him, to tell an interesting or funny story.

If a child purposefully manipulated, we should just quietly ignore. Let them know that the conversation will take place only when he calms down. If a child threw a tantrum in the store - tell your child that you will wait outside or near the exit. Hysterical because the main audience is a waste and the baby will very quickly understand that he will not achieve anything.