The younger the infant, the smaller the range of possible causes of the scream. Therefore, it is more convenient to consider the causes of the crying baby from first days of life and then - in the course of its growth and development.

Immediately after birth the baby crying is his only way of communicating with the world, the only way to inform the mother about their needs. When a child is born, his basic desires: to be fed, dry and sleep. A little later, there is still the desire to be close to mom. Implicitly this need is satisfied the baby during breast-feeding and rocking to sleep. Therefore, in cases when the newborn was awake and crying, check the diaper, feed and put to sleep again. In the first month of the baby most of the time sleeping, waking only to eat.

And here you are being discharged from the hospital. The baby grows up and comes time intestinal colic. Sometimes it is quite difficult to determine the cause of the baby crying that his tummy hurts. A few signs still there: the baby tummy swollen, he twists the legs often cramps torturing kids in the evening and at night. It is easier for a child becomes after the withdrawal of gases from the intestines. The principle of your actions: from simple to complex. If you suspect that your kid cries because of colic, first, eliminate simple causes of possible discomfort: change diaper, feed and try to put her to sleep. Simple steps do not help, proceed to more complex. Massage, a warm cloth on baby's tummy, etc., only in the last turn enlist the help of pain medication.

Some of the children after a period of colic comes time for growth of teeth, some have a little respite. If your child belongs to the second type, you are lucky, you will have a period of relative calm. As with intestinal colic, in the case of prorezalsya the teeth is the same principle "from simple to complex." Before you start to take action on gums pain, make sure baby is full, diaper is dry and he cries not only because he wants to talk with you to get your attention. In the latter case, it is not always necessary to immediately run to the child: it is normal that the mother does not retreat at the first call already grown up child. Signs that the baby began to erupt, the teeth can be quite obvious: abundant saliva, the baby draws in mouth and trying to scratch the gums, the gums are red, swollen, soft. Before the emergence of the tooth from the gums, it can often be tapped with a spoon: just take tea metal spoon and gently postukivanie on the Desna, where I assume that erupt the tooth. However, the pain of growing teeth can begin long before the appearance of obvious signs, that is, when the teeth are only just starting to move within the gums. Then the child just suddenly starts restless sleep, and capricious to assume that this is because teeth is possible only by exclusion of other causes. What will help your baby in pain from teething - ointment on gums, pain, warm drinks or sucking of the breast, lavage of the mouth chamomile, etc. - you know, just trying out various methods.

A few words like BA to say that it is not always necessary to immediately respond to the cry of a baby. If you are sure that he is safe and its health threatens nothing urgent, you should not immediately for him to run. This is a direct way to educate a naughty child. The baby needs to get used gradually, that the mother is busy, too important (eating, went to toilet, etc.). Therefore, learn to distinguish the baby's crying. With a certain amount of attention you will quickly learn to distinguish a cry from pain or hunger cry from the simple vagaries. But in the extremes fall too, not worth it; remember the need of bodily contact with the mother is vital for the baby. If it is not to take on hands, it can lead to bad consequences for the psyche and health of the baby.

Importantly – believe in yourself, your motherly heart will tell you what to do in the moment to calm your crying baby. As for colic, and teething each baby has methods that may help; maybe it will be something unique that will soothe your child.