You will need
  • Dry diapers, diapers, gripe water, warm blanket, water, pacifier, breast milk, rocking on hands, walk on the street, swaddling, clothing, warm, comfortable environment.
When the baby is two years in the army and extending handles reports that he is hungry, you must feed, even if the time has not yet arrived.
The baby may cry due to wet diapers or full diapers. They irritate the baby's skin and cause discomfort. The baby begins to whimper, then weaker, then stronger. In this case, you need to change a diaper and if he is cool cover with a blanket.
Also, it is important to make sure the boy was comfortable zaplanowane, without unnecessary folds. If the baby screaming and trying to roll over, maybe he was tired of lying on one side and his position should change.
Very often, the baby starts to cry because of the heat. The skin may become red and may cause heat rash. Therefore, on hot days is not necessary for the child to wear diapers, it is better to use a thin diaper and bonnet.
If the child is crying and it appears a hiccup, maybe he's thirsty or cold.
Also newborn baby may cry during feeding. He begins to suckle, and immediately separated from her weeping – it may be due to an inflammatory process of the mucosa. Very often the child is unable to eat and starts crying because of a stuffy nose. In such cases, you must consult a doctor.
The child might start to cry because of the pain in the tummy, perhaps during the meal he got air in the nipple. In this case, he begins to bend the legs with a plaintive cry. Therefore, it is important to observe the process of feeding and after the baby ate, you need five minutes to hold it vertically to produce regurgitation.
A newborn baby may cry due to colic. In order to calm the baby, you can make his tummy warm diaper or apply it to your stomach. Also help with colic gentle massage clockwise on the abdomen and dill water.
The common reason for crying newborn is fatigue. Baby needs rocking on his hands, or to walk outside on the street.