You will need
  • Compendium, Newspapers, public speaking and organizational skills
The main objective of the workshop- the application of theory to practice. In workshops students discuss problematic issues, find solutions to practical situations. The correctness of these solutions to evaluate the teacher and the students-fellow students.
In developing the plan-abstract of the workshop, consider the following guidelines:
- "From theory to practice". Set students the task - give examples from real life to considered the lecture material. For example, if the course on social psychology, you learn about installation, try together to find examples of attitudes and prejudices characteristic of this group. Well, if the opinions were divided – we can discuss the issue from different sides.
- "From life to theory - practice analysis from the point of view of the theory. Look before going in the newspaper or on a website with news – for sure you will find the current topic as an example of the manifestation of certain psychological patterns in real life. Or it will offer students – as a rule, they are actively involved and willing to speak on what they care about. Try this example to formulate theoretical propositions and conclusions concerning this phenomenon or situation.
Remember that all seminars-workshops – it is the collective work of the student group and the teacher needed in order to guide their activity in the right direction.