In order to properly hold a seminar, you must adhere to certain rules and requirements. First we need to analyze the audience for which the seminar is held. Because the methodology and content of the seminars for ordinary workers and managers will vary greatly. Also, do not hold General seminars for managers of different levels. Separately for middle managers, separately for higher ragout leaders. In the appointment of the person responsible for the seminar, make sure it meets all the requirements and will be able to provide the room the necessary technical equipment to carry out the registration of participants, organize the preparation and distribution of necessary materials to successfully respond to unforeseen changes in the course of work.

In the preparation of facilities needed to provide signs, plaques with the names, in order to avoid any confusion and chaos. First, generally, delivers the introductory speech the head of the company, or his Deputy. The basic rule of any seminar you adhere to the regulations. For speakers emit no more than 20-25 minutes. It is best to be limited to 10-15 minutes. Better time to leave for questions and answers, as this will help to better absorb the given material. Including presentations, manuals, videos, etc. At the end of the seminar it is advisable to have a check of the received knowledge, to see the success of the event.

If the event is delayed, you should provide the coffee break. For this you need to ensure that staff who will pour drinks and put the cookies or sandwiches on plates. If you want to hold a seminar for several days, it is logical to end with the reception, the organization of concert or performance. If there is a substantial part of the participants welcomed the organization of city tours, or, in extreme cases, according to the company. You should also take care of the transport for participants from other cities, and local.