The dismantling of the old finish

It should start by eliminating those materials, which were previously carried out finishing work. Moreover, they need to get rid of completely. If somewhere will be the old layer of paint or worn out Wallpaper, later on this place will definitely be a defect. New paint on the previous materials were well to go can not.

You need to remove an old layer of plaster or putty. Write leveling compound on a production basis only, provided that it is still securely grasped with the surface.

Applying leveling compound

A serious disadvantage of paint is that it is not possible to disguise the defects present on the walls. So her application should be aligned. The best option of getting rid of the irregularities on the working surface is applying the filler. But the composition is much more expensive than ordinary plaster.

For this reason, the most significant elevation changes can eliminate cheap plaster mixture. And to maximize the smoothness of the surface is treated with a thin layer of putty. Previously, the wall also must be covered with primer, because otherwise the plaster will not be able to reliably get to grips with it.

Addressing the remaining deficiencies

To the base substrate was perfectly smooth prior to painting yet to be check whether on the surface of some defects. Even minor irregularities should be removed using sandpaper. Rubbing it gently, all the roughness. Before applying the paint composition will only primed the wall again. Once the soil is completely dry, you are ready to finish the events. Proper preparation will increase the chances that the wall will be stained and will remain in perfect condition for a long time.