How to prepare the floor for painting

How well will be able to paint the floor, depends on the quality of surface preparation. With wood the first thing to remove old paint or varnish. This can be done using a wire brush. Although sometimes to clear the old paint composition is not obtained. Then the floor will be treated with a solvent or pass on it sander.

Farther, away cracks and significant gaps between adjacent boards. To do this, cover them with putty. When the composition is dry, the floor will remain be treated with a drying oil or a special primer. It is possible to use compounds which contain antiseptic components. Then the wooden floor will be protected even better.

How to apply paint to a wooden floor

If between adjacent boards no significant differences of heights to paint the floor for more space, get an ordinary roller. Of course, for hard to reach places still need the narrow brush. Areas that do not require painting, it is advisable to close with masking tape or just stick them on the plastic wrap.

The paint should be applied in a thin layer, otherwise it can quickly flake off. Just need at least 2 layers to obtain a high quality result. Before will be dealt the second layer, you should wait for complete drying of the first. If the painting is by brush, second coat of paint should be applied across the first.

How to fix the remaining flaws

Sometimes even with all the efforts on a hardwood floor still remain some defects. For example, it may be stains or other flaws. Most of them will be able to get rid of if you use the most simple sandpaper. Although sometimes you have to repaint some areas. In this case, you first need to remove previously applied paint the same way that was described above.

Anyway, to get a quality painted wood floors will still fail if you put enough effort.