Choice, the right swimsuit, it is worth considering in two-three months before the onset of heat, as it is a very responsible process. Choosing the right swimsuit depends on the type of your figure.

The figure of "hourglass"

If you figure "hourglass", then you have a small waist but voluminous Breasts and thighs, then you need a swimsuit that best expresses your strengths and will support them. Therefore, you will suit swimsuit with pretty wide straps and bottom of the swimsuit with a large amount of fabric from the back side. Another note on top bikini with a corset or boning. Welcome to the neckline in the form of a V. you can use any Color, but it is advisable to choose the minimum figures, since such prints are not visually increase your volume.

The figure of "pear"

The type of shape where girls have narrow shoulders, in most cases, small Breasts, and volume trouble. Owners of such figures need to balance the top and bottom of his body. For this, the upper part of the swimsuit needs to be more voluminous, for example, is decorated with ruches, flounces or ruffles. The bottom, on the contrary, have to hide the extra volume to have a simple design and not stand out with bright colors or prints. The only thing you can afford is a broad horizontal stripe.

The figure of "rectangle"

A figure many men call "devoid of femininity". They attribute this to the fact that the owners of such a figure, no waist and quite thin, and therefore, unappetizing. We believe it is necessary to prove the opposite. Although you can find a swimsuit on a figure is easy enough, we will give some tips that definitely work. Girls with such shapes you need to buy swimwear that will highlight the waist, and you can afford any print and any ruffles or flounces. The only restriction is the height of swimsuit without the straps: this top will only emphasize your square figure.