The chest and hips of the same size, pronounced waist. This figure is considered ideal, and it fit almost all models of swimwear. The only problem is that Boobs are too big, if the woman is fat. For these ladies should choose a bodice with wide straps and underwire for support advantages. The most attractive looks, models such as bikini, tankini and Monokini without activities in the form of drawing and decorative elements.

Pear or triangle

Pears have curvy hips and a narrow top. The challenge is to balance the figure, visually broadening the shoulders and narrowing hips. This will fit both open and one piece swimsuits, the basic rule is to choose a swimsuit with ties around neck (halter) or no (Bando). The upper part can be decorated as you like, most importantly, to shift the attention from the hips. The lower part is better left plain.


Problems boxes ill-defined waist and small Breasts. So a bikini top is better to choose a push-up, ruffle, ruffles and other decorative elements. Bando thus it is better to avoid this model will make the look even more flat. The design is better to choose such that to create the illusion of curves.

T figure

Shoulders broader than the hips. The task of a woman to visually widen hips and narrow shoulders. The bulk of accessories must be located on the lower part of the swimsuit and in any case on the top. The upper part needs to be with wide straps. Another option is solid - colored top and bottom with a bright pattern. In the right swimsuit every woman to feel confident and beautiful on the beach.